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Committee on Fluvial Hydraulics Advisor 2012-11-12 2017-08-22

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Assessment of UAV-Based Photogrammetry for Bathymetry Measurements in Haiti: Comparison with Manual Surveys and Official Data 2022
Contribution of Ravines to the Flooding of Cavaillon City in Haiti 2022
Statistical analysis methods for transient flows – the dambreak case 2020
Dam-break flow experiments over mobile bed: velocity profile 2019
How to Characterize the Resilience of Cities in a Disadvantaged Environment? An Example in Haiti 2019
Statistical analysis methods for transient flows – the dam-break case 2019
Steady-flow experiments in urban areas and anisotropic porosity model 2017
Flow Modelling and Investigation of Flood Scenarios on the Cavaillon River, Haiti 2016
Impact of sediment transport formulations on breaching modelling 2015
2D Dam-Break Flows over Erodible Floodplain. Comparison of Two Shallow-Water Models Against Laboratory Experiments: A Saint-Venant – Exner Classical Approach and a Two-Layer Description 2013
Experimental Investigation of the Erosion of a Sand Dike by Overtopping 2013
The Gate Removal Effect in the Initial Instants of the Dam-Break Flow 2013
2D Two-Layer Shallow-Water Model with a Bank-Failure Operator for Dam-Break Waves on Mobile Beds 2012
Detailed Measurements of a Dam-Break Flow Numerical Simulation with Fluent Software 2012
Experimental and Numerical Modelling of the Velocity Distribution in the Dissipation Chamber of a Navigation Lock with Loop Culvert Filling 2012
Dam-break flow on mobile bed in abruptly widening channel: experimental data 2011
Diffusion and Dispersion in Compound Channels: The Role of Large Scale Turbulent Structures 2010
Experimental, Analytical and Numerical Simulation of the Propagation of a Hydraulic Jump over Mobile Bed 2009
Flood Wave Propagation in a Steep Mountain River: Comparison of Four Simulation Tools 2009
Non-Intrusive Measurements of Water Surface and Velocity Profiles in a Dambreak Flow 2009
Conservative Discretisation of Bed Slope Source Terms on Irregular Topographies 2007
Diffusion and Dispersion in Compound Channels: Preliminary Experimental Investigation 2007
Learning from the Past to Improve the Future an Ex-Post Analysis of the German Upper Rhine 2007
Dam-Break on a Movable Bed in Presence of an Initial Bed Discontinuity: Laboratory Experiments and Simulations with a Multi-Layer Shallow Water Model 2005
Morphological Evolution of Steep-Sloped River Beds in the Presence of a Hydraulic Jump: Numerical and Experimental Analysis 2005
Sedimentation in Pommeroeul-Conde Canal, Belgium. Installation of a Sediment Inflow Measurement Station 2005
Simulation of the Impact Case Study on the Tous Dam-Break Flow 2005
Periodic Turbulent Structures Modelling in a Symmetric Compound Channel 2001
Secondary-Current Impact on Momentum Transfer for Compound Channels Flow Modelling 2001
Adequacy of One-Dimensional Flow Modelling in Compound Channels Near Critical Depth 1999
Coupled 1-D and 2-D Modelling of a Navigation-Lock Filling and Emptying 1999
Effects of a Sharp Bend on Dam-Break Flow 1999

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