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Dilution Characteristics of Tee Diffuser in Shallow Water

Author(s): Il Won Seo; Hong Sik Kim; Daeyoung Yu

Linked Author(s): Il Won Seo

Keywords: Multiport diffuser; Thermal discharge; Dilution; Ambient current; Momentum; Entrainment

Abstract: In this study, the dilution characteristics of tee diffusers have been studied experimentally for a wide range of ambient current conditions. Experimental results for tee diffusers show that, when m r < 1, dilution decreases with mr, whereas, when m r > 1, it increases back as mr increases further, and asymptotically approaches stagnant water dilution for very large values of mr. Existing predictive equations provides a reasonable fit to the data in the region of weak to moderately strong current, however, those equations give a poor fit in the region of a significantly strong current. A new equation suggested in this study provides a better fit to the data.


Year: 1999

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