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JHER Editorial Advisory Editors 2018-01-01 Now
Korea Chapter Vice Chair 2012-01-01 Now

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Measuring Suspended Sediment Concentration in Rivers Using Drone-Based Hyperspectral Image 2022
Net Retention Time Distribution Inducing Non-Fickian Solute Transport in Streams 2022
Remote sensing of tracer dye concentrations to support dispersion studies in river channels 2019
New Methods for Predicting and Measuring Dispersion in Rivers 2018
Prediction of Water Quality Variation Affected by Tributary Inputs in Large Rivers Using ANN Model 2018
Two-Dimensional Modeling of Flow and Contaminant Transport in Meandering Channels 2018
2D Numerical Study of Diatom Bloom Based on Water Temperature Effect on Its Growth 2016
Prediction of Fecal Coliform Using Tree Based Models in North Han River 2016
Prediction of Pollutant Concentration Accidentally Spilled into River Using 1D Routing Procedure 2016
HyB Rid Ann-Hpg Model Predicting Streamlow and Water Surface Elevation 2014
Two-Dimensional Model of Algal Bloom in the Nakdong River, South Korea 2014
Lagrangian Particle Tracking Technique for Analysis of 2D Mixing in Natural Streams 2013
Analysis of Dispersion Characteristic Using Tracer Test in Natural Stream 2012
Laminar Flow Around a Cylinder Subject to Navier-Slip Condition 2011
Numerical Simulation of Heterogeneous Mixing in Meandering Channels 2011
A Study on Advection and Diffusion of Pollutants for Coastal Water Quality Management 2010
Dispersion Simulation of Negative Buoyant Jet Discharged from Orv 2010
Simulation of Pollutant Transport Using 2-D River Analysis and Modeling System (RAMS) Around Mulgeum Intake Station 2010
Comparative Study of Methodologies for Determining the Transverse Dispersion Coefficient in River Mixing 2009
Numerical and Experimental Investigations of Two-Dimensional Dispersion in Meandering Channel 2009
2D Finite Element Modeling of Pollutant Transport in Tidal River 2007
Calculation of Dispersion Coefficients by Routing Procedure in Two-Dimensional River Mixing 2007
Experimental Study on Merging Buoyant Jets in Stagnant Ambient 2007
Analysis of Shear Flow Dispersion Using 2-D Sequential Mixing Model 2005
Design and Placement of Levee Breaches to Maximize the Suspended Sediment Trapping in Rivers 2005
Effect of Sinuosity on Hyporheic Exchange in Natural Streams and Rivers 2005
Estimation of Transverse Dispersion Coefficient Based on Secondary Flow in Sinuous Channel 2005
Experimental Investigation of Circular Pure Jet According to the Variation of Reynolds Number 2005
Finite Element Mass Transport Model Using Dispersion Tensors as Coefficients 2005
Jet Integration-Particle Tracking Hybrid Model for Submerged Single Port Discharges 2001
Dilution Characteristics of Tee Diffuser in Shallow Water 1999

IAHR Awards

IAHR Awards Date
APD Distinguished Membership Award 2014
IAHR-APD Best Paper Award 2012

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