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Macroturbulence Measurements Under Breaking Waves

Author(s): Andres Rodriguez; Cesar Mosso; Joan P. Sierra; Agustin S. Arcilla; Jose Redondo

Linked Author(s): Andres Rodríguez, Agustín Sánchez-Arcilla

Keywords: Hydrodynamics; Macroturbulence; Breaking waves; Electromagnetic sensors; Surf-zone

Abstract: Turbulence in the surf zone SZ is a complex topic of study, of importance for both hydromorphodynamic and environmental studies. In this paper experimental results of turbulent flows for field tests in the Spanish Mediterranean coast are presented. The spatail and temporal resolution of measurements were limited by the Electro Magnetic Sensors wich result in" filtering" out the small scales and observing; thus only macroturbulence due to breaking waves has been measured. The experimental field-results have been obtained during DELTA`93 and DELTA`96largescale surf zone experiments in the Ebro Delta, (Spain), under Spilling/plinging breaking waves, figure 1, (Rodriguez, 1997). The field works include several measurements as topobathymetric surveys, water levels, 2DH and 2DV velocities, suspended sediment concentrations, sediment properties, metheorological conditions, etc. Several test across the surf zone with high vertical resolution were obtained, covering low, medium and high energy levels. Macroturbulence has been splitted from oscillatory fur irregular waves with a recent technique and then turbulent characteristics have been obtained. This turbulent properties are compared with state-of-art macroturbulence characteristics and a new semi-empirical length-scale formulation is proposed, figure 2.


Year: 1999

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