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Propagation of a Plane Non-Newtonian Gravity Current

Author(s): Vittorio Di Federico; Alberto Guadagnini

Linked Author(s): Alberto Guadagnini

Keywords: Non-Newtonian fluid; Density current; Gravity current; Viscous flow; Self-similar solution

Abstract: A gravity current originated by a power-law viscous fluid propagating on a horizontal rigid plane below a fluid of lesser density is examined. The intruding fluid is considered to have a pure power-law constitutive equation. The set of equations governing the flow is presented, under the assumption of buoyancy-viscous balance and negligible inertial forces, recovering earlier results for a Newtonian fluid. The conditions under which the above assumptions are valid are examined and a selfsimilar solution is derived for the release of a fixed volume of fluid. Analytical expressions for space-time development of the gravity current are presented for different flow behavior indeces.


Year: 1999

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