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Mixing Characteristics of Inclined Swirling Dense Jets

Author(s): Baoxin Jiang; Adrian Wing-Keung Law; Bidya Sagar Pani

Linked Author(s): Wing Keung, Adrian Law

Keywords: Brine discharge; Dense swirling jets; Degree of swirl; Terminal rise; Jet mixing

Abstract: In the present study, a novel concept of swirling brine outfall is proposed that is capable of reducing the jet terminal rise height and enhancing the mixing of the brine discharge with the ambient waters. An experimental study was constructed with a swirl generator mounted on a brine discharge port, and swirls with different intensities were induced on the jet flow by adjusting the inclined guide vanes in the generator. The effect of the initial swirl intensity on the jet mixing behavior was examined and quantified in the laboratory using the advanced laser imaging techniques of Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry (SPIV) and Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence (PLIF). The results confirmed that the new design shortens the jet potential core, enhances the near field mixing, and significantly reduces the terminal rise height of the brine plume. Hence, the plume can remain fully submerged for a wider range of brine flow rate with the new design, which potentially enables a shortening of the outfall pipe length and reduces the plant cost.


Year: 2013

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