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Shallow Water Flow Simulation Using Multislope MUSCL Method

Author(s): Jingming Hou; Qiuhua Liang; Franz Simons; Reinhard Hinkelmann

Linked Author(s): Reinhard Hinkelmann, Jingming Hou, Qiuhua Liang

Keywords: Shallow water equations (SWEs); MUSCL method; Finite volume method; Unstructured grids

Abstract: Based on the classical multislope MUSCL method, this paper develops a new multislope MUSCL method which is used to extrapolate the values of the variables at the midpoints of the cell edges. This method is in a more straightforward form than the classical one. By using the extrapolated values to compute flux and slope source terms, this method is incorporated into a 2D unstructured cell-centered Godunov-type finite volume shallow water model. The good performance of the 2D shallow flow model with the new multislope MUSCL method is demonstrated in three test cases including both theoretical and practical ones. It is verified that the new method is more efficient than the classical one and is able to produce better or similar results. Moreover, the new method can be applied to simulate real large scale cases.


Year: 2013

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