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Macroinvertebrate Investigation and Preliminary Study of Water Quality Assessment of Beijing Urban Rivers

Author(s): Ying Wang; Zhaoyin Wang; Shunxin Feng; Qingrui Yang; Na Zhao

Linked Author(s): Na Zhao, Ying Wang, Zhaoyin Wang

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Abstract: Urban rivers are important vectors of urban water resources and the status of the water quality is closely relating to the life of people. In Beijing, most urban rivers having been polluted is a serious problem, which need people pay much more attention on. The water quality of Yongd ing River and Tsinghua University River were evaluated by using macroinvertebrate as indicator species. 7 sampling sites were selected in Yongding River and 18 families of macroinvertebrate belonging to 3 phyla were identified, while 1 sampling site was selected in Tsinghua University River and only 5 families of macroinvertebrate belonging to 1 phylum were identified. The water quality of the sites was evaluated with family biotic index and compared with the results of chemistry analysis. The results show that the water in some reaches of Yongding River are slightly polluted, in other reaches the water quality is better or in high level; but the water quality of Tsinghua University River is much poorer.


Year: 2013

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