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UrbanWater Pricing in Thessaloniki: Providing Incentives for Water Protection and Conservation

Author(s): Elpidakolokytha; Anastasia -Despoinatsavdaridou

Linked Author(s): Elpida Kolokytha

Keywords: Urban water; Water tariffs; Pricing; Demand management; Thessaloniki; GR

Abstract: Urban water management is closely connected with the use of demand management practices in order to achieve an appropriate balance between capacity expansion and water conservation. In this sense, water pricing is a primary economic tool towards water conservation. This paper presents multiple GIS thematic maps of water consumption, in orderto understand the variations in water demand in the different city districts and the alterations throughout the recent years. The analysis is based on water consumption data that were assigned from the Water Utility of Thessaloniki (EYATH). A classification of the consumers was attempted, according to their water consumption and further comparisons were made regarding their type of residence and their water consumption patterns, revealing interesting findings about water conservation. Furthermore, the recently applied water pricing policy is analyzed in terms of its effectiveness to work as an incentive for water conservation and potential promotion of the wiser use of urban water. In parallel, a detailed analysis of the previous water policy and the comparison of both water tariffs (new and previous) provide the framework of appropriate changes towards the achievement of social equity and affordability in urban water in Thessaloniki.


Year: 2013

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