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A Quasi-Two-Dimensional Method for Reservoir Sedimentation

Author(s): Seonmin Lee; Sung-Uk Choi

Linked Author(s): Sung-Uk Choi

Keywords: Reservoir sedimentation; Xialongdi Dam; Quasi-two-dimensional model; Quasi-steady model; Morphological change

Abstract: This study presents a quasi-two-dimensional numerical model that is capable of simulating sedimentation and flushing in reservoir. The lateral distribution method is used to distribute the discharge over the width of the cross section, based on the channel geometry and momentum balance. The quasi-steady assumption of steady flow but time-dependent morphological change, is made. For validation, the proposed method is applied to a case of sedimentation in Xiaolangdi Dam, China during the period of May, 2003 – Oct., 2006. The computational reach is 120 km long, consisting of downstream reservoir regime with the backwater effect and upstream river regime. Computed results include the longitudinal profile of the thalweg and the lateral profiles of the channel cross section and depth-averaged velocity. The simulated results are compared with measured data and with predictions by GSTARS4.


Year: 2013

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