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Numerical Simulation of Flow and Upstream Fish Movement Inside a Pool-and-Weir Fishway

Author(s): Shokry Abdelaziz; Minh Duc Bui; Namihira Atsushi; Peter Rutschmann

Linked Author(s): Peter Rutschmann

Keywords: Fish passage; Individual based model; Pool and weir fishway

Abstract: Analysis of the fish movements in real situations is a good way to understand the dependence of fish behavior on the hydraulic conditions. This paper presents a numerical model to study the path of fish movements at different hydraulic conditions. The commercial computational fluid dynamic code FLOW-3D was used to simulate the fish ladder flow. Based on the results of the flow simulation, a numerical model for fish movement was developed by combining a low energy concept and random movements in which the effects of turbulence and fish memory are taken into account. The model was validated using experimental data of flow and fish movement inside a pool-and-weir fishway archived from a previous study (Atsushi, 2009). The simulated results of the flow velocity and the fish path are in good agreement with the experimental data.


Year: 2013

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