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Two Dimensional Modelling of River Bifurcations

Author(s): Farhad Yazdandoost; Mahdi Rezapour

Linked Author(s): Farhad Yazdandoost

Keywords: Two dimensional modelling; Bifurcations; River flow

Abstract: Investigation of flow conditions at river bifurcations finds its importance in river engineering and management and becomes imperative in the cases of shared waters. Development of a two-dimensional model for analysis of flow at bifurcations based on 2-D shallow water equations is presented here using a depth-averaged approach for the continuity and the momentum equations. The Alternating Direction Implicit (ADI) finite differences technique was used for the solution of the governing equations which in turn utilizes a double sweep method for increased speed and accuracy. Deterministic parameters such as the angle of diversion of the secondary channel and the widths ratio, as well as the prevailing bifurcation conditions as a result of downstream conditions have been considered. The results obtained from the mathematical modelling have been compared to those obtained from experiments and good agreements have been shown.


Year: 2007

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