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Analysis of the Role of Turbulent Structure in Bed- Forms Formation in a Rectilinear Flume

Author(s): Donatella Termini; Vincenzo Sammartano

Linked Author(s): Donatella Termini

Keywords: Turbulent structure of flow; River bed deformation; Alternate bars

Abstract: The paper describes some peculiar results of experimental work carried out in a rectilinear flume in order to analyze the interactions between the turbulent bursting events of the flow and the bed deformation. The attention is focused on sweep and ejection events which contribute positively to Reynolds stress. The data analysis essentially confirms the existence of a strong relationship between the evolution of the turbulent events and the bedforms development. In particular, the obtained results highlight the formation of sequences of “horizontal bursts” whose evolution length compares well with the wavelength of the alternate bars found on the bed.


Year: 2007

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