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Secondary Circulation Motion in the Apex Section of a Large Amplitude Meandering Flume

Author(s): Donatella Termini; Mafalda Piraino

Linked Author(s): Donatella Termini

Keywords: Meandering channel; Flow velocity field; Turbulence characteristics; Cross-sectional secondary motion

Abstract: Flow characteristics in a large amplitude meandering flume with deformed bed have been experimentally investigated. In this work, some peculiar results obtained at the apex section of the flume are reported. Particular attention is devoted to turbulent characteristics of flow and to the Reynolds stresses distribution. In accordance with previous findings, two counterrotating secondary circulation cells have been found in the examined section: the centralregion cell and the outer-bank cell. The outer-bank cell strongly affects the turbulent activity and the distribution of the Reynolds stresses near the bank.


Year: 2007

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