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Unsteady Flow Model Including a Dam Operation Rule as Internal Boundary Condition

Author(s): Myoung Kwan Yu; Jin Soo Kim; Kyung Soo Jun

Linked Author(s): Kyung Soo Jun

Keywords: Unsteady flow model; Internal boundary; Han River system; Dam operation

Abstract: An unsteady flow model for multiply-connected channel network including various internal boundaries is developed, and it is applied to the Han River system. It is a variable parameter model which allows variable roughness coefficient for each computational point according to the spatial position and the value of discharge. The model is capable of simulating flow through submerged weirs including the reverse flow. A reservoir operation strategy for flood control, which is to maintain a target water level, is assumed for the Paldang dam. The assumed flood control strategy is incorporated to the unsteady flow computation model as an internal boundary condition. The model is tested using historical flood records, and the flood control strategy is successfully simulated.


Year: 2007

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