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Study on the Slit-Type Flip Bucket of Surface Spillways in High Gravity Dam

Author(s): Sun Shuangke; Geng Yunsheng; Long Qihuang; Chen Nengping

Linked Author(s): Shuangke Sun

Keywords: Surface spillway; Slit-type flip bucket; Energy dissipation; Downstream scouring

Abstract: Guangzhao hydropower project is a RCC gravity dam which the maximum height is 200. 5m and its outlet works include three surface spillways and two emptying bottom outlets. The maximum discharge of three surface spillways is 9857m3/s. Due to narrowness of downstream valley terrain and sharp slope on both banks, the slit-type flip bucket is proposed and applied to the surface spillway in practical use. In this paper, with the use of hydraulic model tests, the hydraulic characteristic of slit-type flip buckets in Guangzhao hydropower project is investigated and compared with the traditional differential type. It is indicated that this slit-type dissipator, which was mostly used in some side spillways formerly, can also be used to the surface spillway in high dam successfully due to its advantages in flow pattern and downstream scouring.


Year: 2007

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