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Bed Load Discharge Formula of a Self-Formed Channel

Author(s): Process; Xingnian Liu; Er Huang; Kejun Yang; Shuyou Cao

Linked Author(s): Kejun Yang, Xingnian Liu

Keywords: Self-formed channel; Bed load discharge; Clear water scour; Shannon’s entropy; Inbank flow; Overbank flow

Abstract: Recent experiments in the large scale fluvial process channel of Sichuan University under the action of clear water were described. The experiments were initially undertaken in the channel configured into a straight compound channel with a mobile main channel, mobile main channel banks and two mobile symmetric floodplains composed of non-uniform sand with a d50 of around 0. 8 mm. In this paper, two discharges were considered, i. e. one is 0. 08 m3/s for inbank flow and the other is 0. 180 m3/s for overbank one. Under the action of the two discharges, respectively, the variation features of bed load discharge with time were described during the process of armoring. According to the features, applying the concept of Shannon’s entropy, the formula of bed load discharge was derived during the course of armoring process. In addition, the sensitivity analysis of parameters in the formula was undertaken. The formula was also applied to predict bed load discharge in a self-formed channel. The results show that the predicted values are in reasonable agreement with the experimental one.


Year: 2007

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