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Approaches to Managing Channel Confluence Alignments

Author(s): Robert Ettema

Linked Author(s): Robert Ettema

Keywords: River; Confluence; Channel; Channel control; Bridge; Culvert; Navigation

Abstract: Alluvial-channel confluences commonly are complex in morphology, and have unstable alignments that shift with time. Shifts of confluence alignment can pose difficulties for land-use and societal infrastructure activities. This paper outlines three approaches to managing confluence alignment: ethereal (try to manage a local deity), hydraulic engineering (try to manage the confluence’s channels and banks), and land-zoning (try to manage people). The paper briefly discusses when it is necessary to use hydraulic-engineering techniques to manage confluence alignment, and describes the techniques used. The techniques pertain to large river channels, and to small stream channels. The techniques differ with channel size.


Year: 2007

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