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Effect of Suction on Bedload Transport Rate

Author(s): Xiao Xie Liu; Yee Meng Chiew

Linked Author(s): Yee Meng Chiew

Keywords: Sediment transport; Bedload transport rate; Seepage; Suction

Abstract: The paper presents a preliminary study on suction effects on bedload transport rate. Three dimensionless groups, viz. Einstein’s parameter, undisturbed shear velocity ratio and modified densimetric Froude number were chosen to examine how suction affects bedload transport rate. Experimental results show that for the same undisturbed flow condition, the dimensionless bedload transport rate increases linearly (in logarithmic scale) with increasing suction rates. The equations for predicting bedload transport rate under suction were derived empirically. By considering how suction affects both the bed shear stress and critical shear stress for sediment entrainment, the increase in bedload transport rate due to suction is examined and discussed.


Year: 2007

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