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Influence of Turbulence Closure on Free-Surface Flow Modelling with SPH

Author(s): Violeau Damien; Issa Reza

Linked Author(s): Damien Violeau

Keywords: SPH; Free-surface flow; Turbulence; RANS models

Abstract: The SPH method is widely used to model complex free-surface flows. The question of viscous models has been examined by many authors but the necessity and choice of an appropriate turbulent model are still not clear. Five turbulent closure models are tested here, from the simplest constant eddy viscosity model to a rather sophisticated non-linear eddy viscosity approach. The considered test case, a gate opening in a tank (for which measurements are available), showed that turbulence modelling is necessary to model the shape of the free surface with accuracy. However, a one-equation model seems to be sufficient to obtain satisfactory results. It is not clear whether the remaining (small) differences between the simulations and the experimental flow are due to physical modelling or numerical features.


Year: 2007

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