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Investigation on Factors Affecting Tongguan Elevation and Measures to Lower It

Author(s): Qingchao Guo; Chunhong Hu; Jianguo Chen

Linked Author(s): Qingchao Guo, Jianguo Chen, Chunhong Hu

Keywords: Sanmenxia reservoir; Tongguan elevation; Reservoir sedimentation; Numerical simulation

Abstract: Due to the severe sedimentation of Sanmenxia reservoir since 1960, the Tongguan elevation has risen by 5m. As the erosion base level of the Weihe River, this big rising of Tongguan elevation resulted in the continuous sedimentation and the rising of the Weihe River channel, the worse situation of flood control, the rising of ground water level in the central Shaanxi plain, the soil salinization, and the reduction of agricultural production. To alleviate the negative effects of Tongguan elevation on the Weihe River basin, deep investigation on the factors to influence Tongguan elevation and the measures to lower it is urgently needed.


Year: 2007

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