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New Structures of Energy Dissipation for Coastal Outfall of a Drainage Project

Author(s): Kailin Yang; Xinlin Dong; Tao Wang; Yongxing Guo; Qinshong Qiao; Xinlei Guo

Linked Author(s): Tao Wang, Xinlei Guo

Keywords: Drainage project; Coastal o utfall; New type of stilling basin and baffle block

Abstract: An outfall structure for a coastal drainage project is studied by the physical model tests. Based on a principle that bo th the stilling basin and hydraulic jump have a good effect on energy dissipation for flows, new structures of energy dissipation are presented, called as the baffle -blocks stilling basins. Each of them is bordered by the two rows of baffle blocks. A hydraulic jump occurs right before the first row of baffle blocks and its nappe plunges into the middle part of the stilling basin, causing a vast clockwise vortex under the water. And most of fluid goes into and out of the stilling basin through the gaps between the baffle blocks and the other flows over the baffle blocks in a spill way. The method for the design of the new structures is also given. The model tests have verified that the new structures work well. Although they are designed for a practical drainage project, the new types of stilling basins are also applicable to the other drainage projects.


Year: 2007

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