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Reservoir Sedimentation Prediction with Simple Models for Work Feasibility

Author(s): Pablo D. Spalletti; Jose D. Brea

Linked Author(s): Pablo Daniel Spalletti

Keywords: Reservoir sedimentation

Abstract: To predict the sedimentation in hypothetical reservoirs to study its feasibility respect to the maintenance of the volumes during its life, in zones with little base information, are habitual studies, mainly in developing countries. In these conditions often is impossible to apply complex methodologies, which although they consider the different tie aspects of the processes that are developed during the reservoir sedimentation, require an amount of initial data non available in these cases. For that reason, in this type of studies it is often possible the application of simpler mathematical formulations, that although in first instance can seem less precise, they may be apt to face the problem conceptually and to try to quantify the expectable processes of sedimentation. In the present paper the application of traditional one-dimensional models, in this case the HEC6 model, to analyse the sedimentation of reservoirs raised in the Bermejo river, in which its feasibility must be studied, is shown. It is also shown how the adjustments of the model parameters were made in spite of the absence of enough base information. Some of the final results of the application appear, too, which are compared with the values of sediment yield due to surface erosion calculated at regional level in the studied zone. From the carried out implementation, a suitable capacity of prediction of the sedimentation processes developed in the studied dams can be appraised, which shows that if the problem allows it, the use of simple models can be an alternative in front of models of greater complexity, in which in general are necessary data of difficult availability.


Year: 2007

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