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Analysis of Higher-Order Velocity Moments in a Two- Dimensional Scour Hole

Author(s): M. A. A. Faruque; Alex Bey; Ram Balachandar

Linked Author(s): Ram Balachandar

Keywords: Jet scour; Ejection; Higher-order moments; Scoop and throw; Sweep; Turbulent bursts

Abstract: An experimental program was carried out to understand the role of turbulence on the scour caused by a plane wall jet. A two-dimensional laser Doppler anemometer was used to characterize the velocity field at various locations within the scour hole. Observations indicate that different types of flow structures influence scour at different time periods. Based on the present tests, the entire test duration is divided into five time zones. Following vigorous scour caused principally by jet shear forces and impingement at the start of the test and during early time periods, the flow was characterized by the presence of longitudinal axial vortices, turbulent bursts and movement of the jet impingement point during the later stages. Attempts were made to distinguish the fluid structures at asymptotic conditions. The scour hole region was characterized by the presence of randomly forming and disappearing streaks, laterally located concave shaped depressions, rolling and ejection of the bed material. Through analysis of higherorder moments, sweep and ejection type events were observed, which can potentially contribute to scour.


Year: 2007

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