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Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Jump by 1-D Implicit Upwind Model

Author(s): Won Kim; Hongkoo Yeo; Jisung Kim

Linked Author(s): Won Kim

Keywords: Hydraulic jump; Weir; Spillway; Numerical model

Abstract: Hydraulic jump is at many cases such as dam spillway, weirs in river, however, it is difficult to simulate hydraulic jump numerically because of the discontinuous flow. Hydraulic jump includes sub-critical, critical, super-critical, and sub-critical flow at the same region consecutively, so there are some limits to analyze hydraulic jump by numerical model. This paper deals with numerical simulation of hydraulic jump. New numerical model is proposed for the hydraulic jump, verified to weir flow, and applied to dam flow. This model can simulate hydraulic jump without any internal boundary, and any additional treatment. Verification of application of new numerical model shows very good agreement between numerical results and experimental data. Therefore, this new model proposed in this paper will be effectively used for the hydraulic jump.


Year: 2007

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