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Large-Scale Particle Tracing Velocimetry For

Author(s): Modeling Free-Surface Flows; Chen Cheng; Chen Hong; Tang Hongwu

Linked Author(s): Hongwu Tang

Keywords: LSPTV; Free-surface flow field; Particle

Abstract: The measurement of free-surface flow velocities is often of interest in river physical model, but it’s rather difficult to measure the velocity field because the physical model is different from other flow models in size. This paper described the application of Large-scale particle tracking velocimetry (LSPTV) to the measurement of the surface flow field in river physical model, especially introduced a new algorithm for particle tracking, which not only considered the continuity of the single particle’s movement but also utilize the fact that the particles’ movement in fluid field neighbor area are similar. What’s more, a couple of velocity vectors could be determined by one searching process with this algorithm. In addition, we introduced a new shape of particle as well, which showed good dispersibility and could follow the flow very well.


Year: 2007

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