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Simulations of 2-D Laminar Flow Past a Bluff Body in a Closed Channel with a Truly Incompressible SPH

Author(s): E. -S. Lee; C. Moulinec; D. Violeau; D. Laurence; P. Stansby

Linked Author(s): Peter Stansby, Damien Violeau

Keywords: SPH; Truly incompressible; 2-D bluff body; Square cylinder; Circular cylinder; Laminar flow; Vortex shedding

Abstract: A truly incompressible SPH (ISPH) has been developed to circumvent some drawbacks found in weakly compressible SPH (WCSPH) such as large pressure fluctuations due to the error in density, and very expensive computation time due to the required CFL condition. One of the main differences between WCSPH and ISPH is the pressure solver; the former one is based on the equation of state for water and the latter one solves a pressure Poisson equation. The pressure Poisson equation is solved in this work by Bi-CGSTAB method. 2-D laminar flows (ReD = 20 and 100) past a square and a circular cylinder in a confined closed channel are simulated to investigate the ability of the ISPH method to handle flows past obstacles. ISPH results here are compared to data obtained by an Eulerian software (STAR-CD V4) with a satisfactory agreement.


Year: 2007

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