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Keynote Lecture: Changes of Flood Control Situation and Adjustments of Flood Management Strategies in China

Author(s): Xiaotao Cheng

Linked Author(s): Xiaotao Cheng

Keywords: Flood disaster; Flood control system; Flood management strategies

Abstract: Flood had been recognized as the most severe natural hazard in ancient China. Chinese people have accumulated abundant experiences in fighting against flooding disasters for millenaries. Especially in the past half century, a large-scale construction of engineering flood-control system has improved its flood control capacity obviously, which plays an important role in ensuring the rapid socio-economic development. However, affected by the climatic fluctuation and human activities, significant changes of the flood control situation are taking place in China. In the new century, the flood control system has to face a series of challenges, and the flood management strategies must be adjusted accordingly.


Year: 2002

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