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Study on Flood Damage Assessment Modes of Different Scales in China

Author(s): Yanyan Wang; Liyun Xiang

Linked Author(s): Liyun Xiang, Yanyan Wang

Keywords: Flood damage assessment; Scale; Mode

Abstract: Flood damage assessment plays an important role in modern flood hazard mitigation. By analyzing the assessment process, three flood damage assessment modes of the fine scale mode, the medium scale mode and the macro scale mode are discussed in this paper. The fine scale mode is incomparable when evaluating flood losses of urban areas and benefit of single flood-control project, but its limitation is due to lack of necessary information esp. in China. The medium scale mode is very useful and widely applied in rapid flood damage assessment. Although, compared with the fine and medium scale mode, the macro scale mode is now insufficiently developed in China, it will be increasingly important in the macro-decision making of flood damage alleviation. Additionally, case studies of Guangzhou city and Huntai River are demonstrated as examples respectively in this paper.


Year: 2002

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