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Countermeasures for Flood Disasters in the MID-Stream of the Huaihe River in the 21 St Century

Author(s): Xiaofu Zhu

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Keywords: Flood; Countermeasures for flood disaster; Sustainable development; Huaihe River Basin

Abstract: Massive floods frequently hit The area along the Huaihe River. Not only harmful to the safety of people' s lives and property, these floods have disastrous effects on developing local economies exactly like those of the Huaihe River in Anhui Province. More than 50 years ago, the Huaihe River was brought under control through the strengthening of the non-engineering measures for flood control. These measures have been successful in moderating some of the effects of this frequent flooding. According to the strategic targets for sustainable development in the 21 st century, one of the chief goals of flood disaster reduction is to raise the public awareness of flood countermeasures and techniques. Planning will be mapped out for prevention and disaster control of flooding as well as environmental protection and national economic development in the basin. As part of this planning, a number of issues will be researched in the building and management of the areas for the storage and flow control of flood water. Based on this research, a number of measures will be put in practice including building towns and flood insurance. Beyond that systems for urban flood control implemented to ensure safety of the people and the economy.


Year: 2002

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