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The Research of Multi-Objective River System Development Operation and Planning

Author(s): Kan Yang; Zengchuan Dong; Lexiang Chen

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Keywords: Optimal operation; Network analysis; Multi-objective

Abstract: In the paper, the application of network analysis in multi-objective reservoirs system operation has been studied. Network analysis technique has the advantage in quickness calculation rate and low computer memory possessed. A multi-objective hierarchical sort network analysis model is presented to find application in cascade multi-objective reservoirs system operation, which extended the network analysis technique to the field of multi-objective problem. The corresponding method has been tested for the real cascade reservoirs system which is composed of four reservoirs and has the objectives of electricity generation, agriculture, irrigation, water supply, navigation, environment etc. . The presented model combines multi-objective hierarchical sort method with network analysis. According to network analysis theory, based on the network structure established, the maximal flow minimal cost algorithm has been used. The results shows that the model is practicable, the time-space network structure graph distinct and the algorithm efficient. The presented paper is a part of research achievement of National Natural Science Fund (No. 50099620), Hohai University Science Fund (99538473).


Year: 2002

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