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Compensatory Forestation for Retention of Water in Micro Basins

Author(s): Jose Sales Mariano Da Rocha; Sandra Maria Garcia; Fabio Charao Kurtz; Alessandro Herbert De Oliveira Santos; Silvia Margareti De Juli Morais Kurtz; Paulo Roberto Jaques Dill

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Keywords: Forestation; Micro basin; Infiltration; Precipitation; Erosion

Abstract: The quantity and quality of water can be a serious problem in this century. Even in “Rio Grande do Sul” State, where the annual medium precipitation is considerable, can become problems of provisioning. Considering this problem together with the watershed management, now also backed by Law, a methodology was elaborated with the main objective of retaining more water in micro basins, through the infiltration and decreasing loses for erosion. This methodology analyzes parameters about the land use and its respective medium values of infiltration, obtained in the local of research. This methodology was applied in Soturno River Micro Basin– “Rio Grande do Sul” State, in Brazil. To test the viability of the application of the methodology, was compared the referring results the area to be forested with the same results obtained by the Physical-Conservation Diagnosis, traditional method. The Pearson coefficient was 0.833, confirming the great correlation comparing the two methods.


Year: 2002

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