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Cause Analysis of the Exceptional Flood Water Elevation Rise in the Hinterland of Pearl River Delta

Author(s): Wengen Liao; Jing Peng

Linked Author(s): Jing Peng

Keywords: Exceptional flood water elevation rise; Hinterland; Pearl River Delt

Abstract: Pearl River Delta is one of the most developed areas in the southeast coast of China. The flood control security of the delta plays an important role in the regional social and economic development. Because of the complex constitute of rivers and river mouths and the collective hydrodynamic influences of run-off and tide, the flood flow in the delta shows extremely complex hydrodynamic characteristics temporally and spatially. The floodwater elevation in the hinterland of the delta exceptionally rises since 90’s because of the out-of-order exploitation of water-and-soil resources since 80’s, and therefore the flood control safety of area has been seriously threatened. Based on the exceptional rise phenomena during “94.6” and “98.6”, this paper analyzes the interior and exterior causes for the exceptional flood elevation rise in the hinterland so as to provide the foundation of flood countermeasures for the area.


Year: 2002

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