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Flood Control Dykes in the Upper Yangtze River, China

Author(s): Shuyou Cao; Xingnian Liu; Shibing Hui

Linked Author(s): Xingnian Liu

Keywords: Flood control; Hydraulics; Dyke construction; Upper Yangtze River

Abstract: The construction of flood control dykes in the Upper Yangtze River is related to interdisciplinary areas, such as river dynamics, hydrology, fluvial processes, soil mechanics, and geology etc. Following a brief review of flood disaster history of Upper Yangtze, especially in Sichuan Province, the status in quo and problems of flood control are analyzed. Based on field data of flood disasters, a numerical model is developed to simulate sediment transport, fluvial processes, scour depths of a dyke, elevations of water surfaces and embankment tops, in order to design flood control dykes of selected major river reaches in the Upper Yangtze River in Sichuan Province. According to the planning, design, and practical experiences of river training, ten principles of flood control are summarized.


Year: 2002

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