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Flooding Risk Based Optimum Design of Dikes on the Fushui River

Author(s): Na Li; Jianhe Huang

Linked Author(s): Na Li

Keywords: Optimum dike design; Risk analysis; Fushui River; Hydraulics model

Abstract: Flood is one of the most severely disasters in China. In fighting with the flood, many measures including structural and non-structural approaches contributed to the flood control and flood management. One of the effective and primary means for helping reduce flood damages has been dike construction. In most countries in the world, the present safety standards for the flood protection structures are expressed as return periods of extreme water levels, which the flood protection structure must be able to withstand. In determining the dike height against with the flood, many countries have gotten many valuable and different experiences. This paper firstly introduced the evolve and progress in dike design in the U. S. A and in the Netherlands, then introduced the policy and method of risk analysis in optimum dike design, and at the last introduced one case study in Fushui River in China.


Year: 2002

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