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The Dora 2D Model: Application to a Natural Catchment in Southern Italy

Author(s): D. Termini; T. Tucciarelli

Linked Author(s): Donatella Termini, Tullio Tucciarelli

Keywords: Floods; Diffusive model; Shallow water equations; Finite elements

Abstract: A recently developed hydrodynamic model that couples a 2D diffusive formulation for flow field resolution to a conceptual rainfall-runoff approach, is interfaced with other pre and post-processor tolls for the simulation of flooded areas. The model, called DORA-2D, solves the 2D shallow water equations by splitting the unknowns of the momentum and continuity equations into one kinematic and one parabolic component. The model is unconditionally stable, even with steep and initially dry domain areas. The other tools are the mesh generator Argus Meshmaker, a geo-referencing algorithm expressly scheduled and Microsoft Excel. An application to a potentially flooded area in Sicily (Italy) shows the capability of the procedure.


Year: 2002

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