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Studying on Laws of Incipient Motion for Non-Uniform Sediment

Author(s): Jurui Yang; Duo Fang; Wenshe He; Xingnian Liu; Shuyou Cao

Linked Author(s): Xingnian Liu

Keywords: Non-uniform sediment; Incipient motion velocity; Additional force; Flow structure

Abstract: Based on the differences of transport mechanism between the uniform and non-uniform sediment, the additional force acted on non-uniform sediment has been divided into two parts in this paper. One is caused by the force-arm acted on non-uniform sediment. The other is caused by the influence of the non-uniform sediment to the flow structure near river-bed with non-uniform bed material. A formula used to compute the threshold velocity of the non-uniform sediment is established. Based on the experiment and filed data the coefficients in this formula are determined. The results fully reflect the characteristics of threshold motion of non-uniform sediment.


Year: 2002

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