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Hydraulic Modelling in a Data-Rich World

Author(s): Ssor Paul Bates

Linked Author(s): Paul Bates

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Abstract: The underlying thesis of this paper is that advances in computer power and data collection have, in the last five years, led to a quantum leap in our ability to parameterize, calibrate and validate hydraulic models. In particular, the availability of fine spatial resolution and high accuracy data from remote sensing platforms has transformed hydraulic modelling from a data-poor to a data-rich science with new and exciting opportunities for model development and analysis. The availability of data at a scale and resolution commensurate with, or in many cases in excess of, our hydraulic models will be a key element in developing a new era of computational hydraulics. This paradigm shift is already having consequences for how, where and by whom research in hydraulics is conducted, and may in the future require hydraulics to become a more multi-disciplinary science with less clearly defined boundaries between it and other disciplines. Such changes present a challenge for organisations such as IAHR, but also considerable new opportunities.


Year: 2005

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