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Numerical Study of Flow Structure in Submerged Hydraulic Jump

Author(s): Dai Huichao; Wang Lingling

Linked Author(s): Lingling Wang

Keywords: Submerged jump; Standard k-ε turbulence model; Track of free surface

Abstract: Two dimensional N-S equation is integrated and discreted with the finite volume method. Standard k-ε turbulence model has been used to predict the characteristics of submerged jump. The function of volume method is employed to track the moving free surface. Computational results are presented for Froude number equal to 8. 19 and submergence factors equal to 0. 24. Numerical predictions include surface profiles, mean velocity, turbulence intensities and shear stressed in the whole domain. These results are compared with available experimental data. They provide insights into both the macroscopic structure and the turbulent structure of submerged hydraulic jumps.


Year: 2005

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