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Direct Control of the Grid Point Distribution in Meshes Generated by Elliptic Equations

Author(s): Wei Wenli

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Keywords: Poisson equation; Orthogonal curvilinear grid; Adjusting function

Abstract: In this paper, a new method to determine the source terms (P and Q) of Poisson equations for grid generation is presented with which the resulting interior grid point distribution is controlled entirely by a priori selection of the grid point distribution along the boundaries of the region; and in particular, the transverse lines may be constrained to be orthogonal to the boundary. For a simply connected region, the source terms (P and Q) are computed from the Dirichlet boundary values; and multiply connected regions are treated by segmentation into simply connected subregions. Comparison with Thomas’s method, the disadvantage of assumption of boundary lines being locally straight is overcome; and a high quality grid can be generated.


Year: 2005

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