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Urban Lakes' Roles in Ecosystem and Landscape Building in Beijing City

Author(s): Peng-Jie Gao; Lianxiang Wang

Linked Author(s): Lianxiang Wang

Keywords: Urban lake; Ecosystem; Landscape; Restoration; Ecological buffer zone; Green water surface; Beijing city

Abstract: The paper analyzes the current situation of urban lakes in Beijing and discusses the lake’s roles in ecosystem restoration and landscape building. Most lakes in Beijing are man-made or artificially harnessed. Lake banks can be classified into 5 types in terms of materials, which play mainly two kinds of function: ecological and aesthetical. Comparing with rivers, lakes are easier to be deteriorated due to its small flow velocity and low exchange rate of water body. In order to have ecologically reasonable lakes, the lake banks are to be designed and rehabilitated according a principle with multi-factors in ecology, environment, aesthetics, landscape and engineering. The authors put forward a concept of ecological buffer zone, which is an interim belt between lake and land. It will form a perfect and balancing lake eco-system including terrestrial plant, hygrophyte, aquatic plant and aquatic animals. It is indicated that greening water surface should be managed in the same way of pruning lawn in streets and gardens. Appearance and features of water plant in Beijing are listed. Some suggestions are brought about for urban lake restoration and rehabilitation.


Year: 2005

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