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Secondary Currents and Flow Variability in Straight Open Channels: Implications for Stream Restoration Projects

Author(s): Jose F. Rodriguez; Marcelo H. Garcia

Linked Author(s): José Rodríguez

Keywords: Stream restoration; Secondary circulation; Laboratory experiments; Turbulence

Abstract: Laboratory experiments have been carried out in order to study secondary circulation and flow variability in straight open channel flows. The experiments represent the initial stage in the restoration of a channelized urban stream in northeastern Illinois. Mean flow and turbulence measurements provide the basis for the study of the effects of projected pool-riffle structures with the objective of increasing variability in the flow patterns. The results allowed for the quantification of hydrodynamic variability in terms of secondary velocities (5% of mean flow velocity), cores of high streamwise velocities (10% higher than surrounding flow) and bed shear stress (20% oscillation with respect to cross sectional averaged value). All these patterns are consistent with results reported in the literature, and provide experimental verification of a simplified model of secondary circulation.


Year: 2005

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