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Key Technologies of Flood Defense in Urban Areas

Author(s): Ximin Yuan; Changwei Hu; Yanyan Wang; Hongpin Zhang; Hongtao Wan

Linked Author(s): Hongtao Wan, Yanyan Wang, Ximin Yuan

Keywords: Flood simulation; Flood control; Urban area; High-tech

Abstract: This paper is concerned about the following problems: (1) Flood simulation for urban areas based on compound models of 1-D and 2-D hydraulic models; (2) Flood losses estimation and assessment by applying hydrological and hydraulic approaches; (3) Application of advanced information technologies in flood simulation, information visualization and system integration, such as GIS, WEB, Database and Flash, etc. Case studies have been done for some Chinese cities, such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing etc.


Year: 2005

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