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A Numerical Model of the Spray Atomized from Flood Discharging by Hydropower

Author(s): Jijian Lian; Fang Liu; Hua Zhang

Linked Author(s): Fang Liu, Jijian Lian

Keywords: Tomization phenomenon; Numerical simulations; Monte Carlo method; Hydropower station; Ski-jump energy dissipator; Random spray model

Abstract: In this study, a three-dimensional numerical model of the jet restricted by gravity, air resistance, and air buoyancy will be developed, and based on theoretical analysis and prototype data, a three-dimensional stochastic model using Monte Carlo method will be proposed to evaluate the range of spray and the intensity of the rainfall in the range, which are affected by complex terrain and various wind conditions. Then a feedback and verification analysis of the numerical model will be carried out to confirm the correctness of the numerical model. The prototype model data used in this work are observed from two hydropower stations. One of them is in Lantsang River, and the other is in Yellow River. The result shows that the computational solutions fit the prototype dada well. Such an analysis acquires values of some important empiric parameters in the model and highlights the ability to correctly represent the range of spray and the intensity of the rainfall in the range of the model. This numerical model can predict the spray atomized from flood discharging by hydropower in credible precision.


Year: 2005

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