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Water Carrying Capacity and Its Assessment Method Based on GDP

Author(s): Hong Gan; Lin Wang; Jinjun You

Linked Author(s): Jinjun You, Hong Gan

Keywords: Water resources; Carrying capacity; Living standard; GDP

Abstract: In this paper, the definition of water resources carrying capacity is stated through analysis of the basic meaning of carrying capacity and current study productions in this field. In the definition, water resources are the principle body and inhabitants with their activities are the object. Based on the connection between the principle body and object, a framework for quantitative analysis of water resources carrying capacity in specific region is presented. According to the methodology, available natural water resources and production efficiency of water use are two decisive factors of water carrying capacity. The water resources carrying capacity can be figured out and expressed by amount of inhabitants with respective gross production. Further more, that critical threshold value is under predefined living standard, different living standard ascertain corresponding carrying capacity value. Finally, a case study for an island demonstrates the concrete approaches in this methodology.


Year: 2005

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