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Two-Phase-Flow Theoretical and Numerical Models for Hydraulic Jumps, Including Air Entrainment

Author(s): Andrea Gonzalez; Fabian Bombardelli

Linked Author(s): Fabian Bombardelli

Keywords: Hydraulic jump; Numerical simulation; Multi-phase flow theory; K-ε model; LES

Abstract: This paper aims at characterizing the mean flow, turbulence, and air entrainment in hydraulic jumps, using the approach of multi-component fluids. The paper starts by briefly discussing mathematical models for mixtures, which depart from the two-fluid-model equations of motion (multi-phase flow theory). The models, which include an algorithm for air entrainment, have been implemented in a state-of-the-art code. Numerical simulations undertaken in two and three dimensions, using a k -ε model and a Large-eddy-simulation approach (LES), are then reported. Results are compared with very recent observations of mean flow and turbulence in hydraulic jumps (Liu et al., 2004), and are also qualitatively evaluated in terms of recent measurements of gas fractions. The numerical results favorably reproduce the measurements, giving additional insight into the dynamics of the flow.


Year: 2005

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