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Flow over a Submerged Thin Plate Weir with Differring Bed Levels

Author(s): Guinevere Nalder

Linked Author(s): Guinevere Nalder

Keywords: Submerged weirs; Drowned weirs; Thin plate weirs

Abstract: The published literature on submerged thin plate weirs all assumes that the upstream and downstream channel beds are equal. As the submergence mechanism is influenced by a turbulent region against the downstream face of the weir, it is highly likely that a lowered downstream bed would lead to a lower turbulent region and thus to easier submergence. This in turn would lead to a change in the curvature of the graph of upstream head vs downstream head, an increase in the approach Froude number and an underestimation of the discharge when a formula developed in an equal bed flume is applied. Two model studies indicated that there was an effect although it was slight. . The increase in the approach Froude number was noticeable and a slight change in the curvature of the graphs of upstream head vs downstream head was noticed. The effect on the discharge calculation was masked by the limitations of the conventional formula


Year: 2005

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