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A Continuously Operable Hydraulic Model of Selective Withdrawal from a Stratified Reservoir

Author(s): Robert Ettema; Marian Muste; Jacob Odgaard; Patrick Ryan; Frederick Locher; Scott Tu

Linked Author(s): Marian Muste, Frederick A. Locher, A. Jacob Odgaard, Robert Ettema

Keywords: Thermally stratified reservoir; Selective withdrawal; Stratified flow; Hydraulic model

Abstract: This paper describes a large hydraulic model that could be operated continuously to determine the performance of design modifications that would enable an existing water intake to selectively withdraw colder water from the lower depths of a thermally stratified reservoir subject to a range of flow conditions. The model, which was vertically distorted, required an innovative method of calibration and validation. The method illuminated the importance of simulating flow vorticity when replicating the withdrawal performance of an intake, and led to a simple relationship for vorticity scaling of flow in a vertically distorted model. Tests with the model showed that a skimming curtain placed around the intake would reduce withdrawal temperature substantially.


Year: 2005

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