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A Direct Assessment of the Cost and Benefits of Higher Order Accuracy on the Prediction of Complex Turbulent Flows

Author(s): Satoshi Yokojima

Linked Author(s): Satoshi Yokojima

Keywords: High-order-accurate finite-difference methods; Spatial accuracy

Abstract: A computer code with O (∆t2+∆x4) accuracy has been developed for solving the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations. A fourth-order accurate, fully-conservative finite- difference scheme is employed for approximation of the spatial derivatives except near boundaries, where it is replaced by a second-order accurate scheme, due to difficulties in retaining such high-order schemes. The importance of higher order accuracy is evaluated by direct comparison with a lower order O (∆t2+∆x2) scheme. Several benchmark flows are compared and it establishes that using a high-order accurate scheme in space leads to a clear superiority even if it is switched to low-order near the boundaries.


Year: 2005

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