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A New Method for Coupling One-and Twodimensional River and Floodplain Models to Predict the Impacts of Dike Breaks

Author(s): Paul Kamrath; Sebastian Roger; Jurgen Kongeter

Linked Author(s): Jürgen Köngeter

Keywords: Dike break; Inundation; Poleni Formula; Flood Waves; Numerical Simulation

Abstract: This paper presents a simple and fast method to calculate flow through a dike breach. The approach is based on two-dimensional numerical simulations of idealized dike breakages at straight river-sections. As a result, computation of discharge through a breach can be accomplished by use of the new developed formula. Although it is possible to simulate the effects of dike breaks accuratly with the use of depth integrated numerical models, any forecasting by numerical techniques during an entire flood is not possible yet because the methods are too time consuming. Thus, for near real-time forecasting purposes and the possibility to plan evacuation of people from the flooded area in case of a dike break, faster methods of acceptable accuracy are current required, such as combined models with an adapted empirical approach to calculate the flow through a dike breach. According to this aim, a new empirical approach is investigated and detailed predictions are made for a number of flood- and dike-break-scenarios at the River Rhine to prove the accuracy of the new approach compared with two-dimensional Reynolds models.


Year: 2005

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